small room

Design / Visual Communication

Adelaide / New York

Open 24/7


An independent fashion label, designed and made in Adelaide. The branding relates to the angular and bold, yet simple nature of the garments themselves.

Applied to business cards, sew-in labels, swing tags and website.

Hannah Benwell is a photographer who works in wedding and portrait photography. She captures the moment and what it is about, so the branding and stationary needed to capture her.

The logo is a simple take on a viewfinder incorporated with her name. The logo is dynamic and can adapt to wherever it is applied.

The burgundy colour that is the colour of Hannah’s hair was applied for extra character and a personal touch.

Alfonso Coronel is a film maker and production designer. He works in a bold yet simple style.

A logo was created to represent Alfonso and his work, an interesting mark was made from drawings of plants which he expressed he liked and found inspiration in, and then developed to resemble a mark on a film leader.

A colour palette was created using his films for inspiration and then applied.

Death of a Designer is an interactive insight into the visual communication process of Small Room.

An exhibition designed to give a fun look into the design process for exhibition-goers and fellow designers alike; focusing specifically on how Small Room works.

Organic type was made using masking tape and photography. This was applied to the exhibition and promotional materials. These included posters and friendly paper reminders.

An interactive Christmas card
made to send to friends and family.

Some questionable fridge material.